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The different types of hotels you can find

The different types of hotels are an invention of modernity. Although there is no consensus on the origin of the hotels, it is known that they have existed for more than 2000 years. Providing accommodation to the traveler was seen as a social value, especially since the travelers' motivations were formerly of a religious nature.

6 villages near Munich worth discovering

Munich is one of the most amazing cities in Europe. However, when you visit it we recommend that you also reserve some time to do some excursions. A few kilometers from the city you will discover wonderful corners. On this occasion, we want to take you to several villages near Munich that you should know.

6 things to do near the Tower Bridge in London

London is a spectacular, cosmopolitan city where there are them. Full of contrasts and monuments and things to see and do, it has become the favorite destination of Europeans and travelers from around the world. Today we tell you some things you can do near the Tower Bridge. Are you coming? What can you do near the Tower Bridge in London?

We visited the Debod Temple in Madrid

In the heart of the Spanish capital stands a wonder of the ancient world: the Temple of Debod. More than three thousand kilometers from his home, the mountain of Prince Pio crowns. This Egyptian sanctuary was a gift given to Spain for the help given to the government of the African country. Today it is one of the many treasures that the beautiful city of Madrid contains.

What is it about Balinese culture that attracts us so much?

Soaking up the almost unintentional Balinese culture is one of the great surprises that people who travel to this paradise island of Indonesia take. You arrive in Bali looking for beaches and luxury hotels, many times on a honeymoon, and you end up delighted with its folklore, its cuisine and, above all, the spirituality and joy that floods everything here.

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A tourist trip through Cantabria: essential stops

A tourist trip through Cantabria offers you everything you can look for in a getaway. It has sea and has mountain. It has a large and well-known city and small towns to discover. And it has great tourist attractions as different as Sardinero beach, Cabárceno Natural Park or Altamira caves.

7 places where you can admire animals without cages

There is nothing more fun than being able to enjoy a beautiful day admiring all kinds of animals, especially if you have children; However, seeing them behind bars is not the most beautiful panorama you can have. That is why today we talk about some of the places where you will be able to observe animals that are not in cages.

Cangas de Onís, one of the most beautiful places in Asturias

Many are the secrets of northern Spain. It is a land of elves and witches, where nature is somewhat indomitable. In Asturias we discovered the council of Cangas de Onís, one of the main tourist centers of the Principality. An idyllic corner where you will find countless interesting places and activities to enjoy.

The Vienna Prater: a curious amusement park

The Prater, or rather the Great Ferris Wheel of the Prater, is one of the most emblematic images of Vienna. And we must bear in mind that if there is a European capital that is photogenic that is the elegant Vienna. That is, if one travels to the Austrian capital, one seems to be forced to spend an afternoon, a morning or a day at the Prater, one of the oldest amusement parks in the world.

La Cibeles, the most famous fountain in Madrid

Although you have never been to Madrid, surely you have heard of Cibeles, the fountain located in the center of the square to which it gives its name. Sports victories are celebrated there and, without a doubt, it is one of the most emblematic monuments of the city. Would you like to know her more thoroughly? Well, we get close to her.

10 Spanish monuments you should visit

Spain is a country of enormous culture and long history that, how could it be otherwise, is reflected in spectacular constructions. Choosing only a few is very difficult, but these 10 Spanish monuments have something that makes them special, so they are an essential visit. From different eras and with different functions, they are wonderful.

Ukhahlamba-Drakensberg Park and its cave paintings

Ukhahlamba-Drakensberg Park is one of the best kept treasures in South African territory. A space where the wildest nature and the most remote history go hand in hand. Thus, before the visitor a splendid spectacle based on unique forests and a rock art that is among the most valuable heritage of the entire African continent opens.

We visited 6 wonderful Spanish hermitages

Without a doubt, they occupy a prominent place in Spain. The hermitages are small chapels or churches that are located in unpopulated areas, idyllic places that constitute privileged natural enclaves of great landscape beauty. We are going to meet 6 wonderful Spanish hermitages. The most beautiful Spanish hermitages 1.

We visit the State Museum of Russian History

Located in the Red Square in Moscow, the State Museum of Russian History allows us to know the evolution of this country. A magnificent building that houses collections of all kinds of objects from the Paleolithic to practically today. We want to visit it to show you all the treasures it stores, will you accompany us?

We visit the imposing castle of Morella in Castellón

Already from a distance, the figure of the Morella castle imposes. Built taking advantage of the shape of an elevated rock, it sinks its origins into ancient civilizations. Iberians, Romans and Visigoths settled in this place, although it was the Arabs who began to build the fortress we can see today.

We visited the gothic town of Radio Liberty

We visit one of the most beautiful villages in Bajo Ampurdán: Pals, the gothic town of Radio Liberty. Surrounded by rice paddies, it still retains all the charm of the small medieval villages. Pals was a manor of the count of Barcelona for centuries and its history is full of stories, curious anecdotes and incredible stories.

The Kumano path, mysticism in Japan

Kumano's path is a set of pilgrimage routes that embody the original spirituality of Japan. These routes cover the Kii peninsula, the sacred and purple place of the gods related to the worship of nature since time immemorial. The mountainous landscape leads to isolation that allows a mystical and unique experience.